Article The True Look of Youth in Hyacinth Tuesday, 04 September 2018

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As bizarre as it may sound, this gorgeous flower named hyacinth holds a remarkable story of origin that came from the Greek Mythology. In fact, the name hyacinth is derived from the name of a divine hero called Hyacinthus. It began when Apollo, a Greek god, gave much favour towards Hyacinthus because of his youth and beautiful spirit. They develop a bond over discus throwing until one day it took Hyacinthus’ life away. As he ran to catch a discus thrown by Apollo, he was struck by the discus, fell and died. In the midst of Apollo’s grief, he acted quickly to claim the youth of Hyacinthus before Hades, god of the underworld, took it away. From Hyacinthus’ spilt blood, Apollo created a flower that he named Hyacinth. 

How is it that such a beautiful flower received its name from such a tragic death? However, we can all agree that Hyacinth is indeed gorgeous and youthful to be associated with the rebirth of Hyacinthus. That is why Hyacinths are often connected with spring or the start of something new. 

With that said, it is never a mistake to start planting Hyacinth in your garden. Try to avoid the rainy season and start planting when it is cool and windy before the summer. If you can’t guess the weather in your area, grow your hyacinth indoor to sustain them from severe weather. In both conditions, this plant requires full sun and a fertile soil to grow at its best. Plant your hyacinth bulbs at a depth of 10 cm, spacing them 8 cm apart from each other. 

When planted indoor, Hyacinth becomes a great addition to light up the house with colours. At the same time, Hyacinths make fantastic pot plants due to their neat and compact habit. Bulbs can be planted closer together than usual for a fuller effect, spacing them 5 cm apart. Once planted, ensure the compost remains moist to help them establish. During this process, Hyacinth needs to be hidden from the sunlight until the shoots start appearing. Only then, place them under the sun and water regularly to see the result in 3 weeks.

However, planting Hyacinth could be an irritating job. No matter how beautiful it may grow, the bulbs may irritate your skin. That is why planters should never forget their gloves. Although planting could be irritating, Hyacinth brings many benefits aesthetically and physically. The scent of Hyacinth plants could bring such a wonderful fragrance to your home or garden. When used as a herb, Hyacinth makes healthier skin, heals a sore throat and even treat snake bites. 

So many benefits and beauty at the same time. If you find yourself loving this flower, we may just have the right one for you. Head to our newsletter to find out more of our Hyacinth bouquets.