Article The Petite - Eye Catching Pingpong Flower Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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Small ball-shaped blossoms in an eye-catching shade of purple, adding a lively color to its surrounding. That is the enormous effect of the Pingpong Flower. Although it comes in more than just one purple color, this flower is widely known for its eye catching ability, no matter what color and what size. How did it attain such capturing ability?


Apparently, the question dates back to the 15th Century BC, where the Pingpong Flower that came from the Chrysanthemum family started to catch so many attention. In China, it caught so much attention that an ancient city of Xiaolan Town was renamed Ju-Xian, meaning ‘Chrysanthemum City’! What an influence!


Like tiny snowballs in the summer garden, the flower grew its popularity to Japan. Before crossing the continent, a Japanese emperor became a big fan of this flower that it used its shape as the official seal of the country. It wasn’t long until it found its way into Europe.


Being able to cross seasons, continents and countries, the pingpong flower doesn’t come with much growth requirement. Although it’s relatively drought tolerant, it's best to water when the top of soil is dry under the full sunlight. Other than that, a good circulation is enough to help it grow to its full potential.


At the same time, the pingpong flower brings different meaning to different places. Victorians used it to show friendship and well-wishing. Buddhists use the flower as offerings due to their powerful Yang energy. In China, it is traditionally offered to the elderly as they symbolize long life as well as good luck in the home. In Australia, they are the official flower for Mother’s Day due to their nickname “mums.” While in Belgium and Austria, the pingpong flower is used almost exclusively as a memorial flower to honor loved ones and is the flower of choice for placing on graves.


Which would you think suits its purpose the most? We don’t want to put any limitations to this beautiful flower. That is why we believe that the pingpong flower is suitable for all occassion! Try and find your perfect pingpong bouquet at our shop.