Article Mother's Day Wednesday, 25 April 2018

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There is no way to compare mothers in Indonesia to mothers in Ireland. They might wear different dresses (or supermom capes) or cook different dishes, but those differences will not change the fact that they are the mothers we cherish. However, if this is your 20th times celebrating Mother’s Day, you might want to try some of these Irish inspired ideas to celebrate the mothers in your life!

1. Take a yoga class with your mom!

Although the Instagram trend might point towards yoga with your partner, there are no rules against doing yoga with your mom! Don’t forget that the Irish would often celebrate Mother’s Day with a yoga under the sun in front of a breathtaking scenery. This might not be possible to find in Indonesia, but a yoga class might be something new to your mom. Who knows, she might even make it a habit.

2. Go on a food tour!

For all the hard work she had done preparing all those meals, taking her out on a food tour will even help ease her burden for a day! Since the Irish are big on food and drinks, weekends are commonly filled with food bazaars and night markets. We believe that you can find some bazaars over this weekend! Take her out to try something new she had never made in her kitchen. A little inspiration could go a long way.

3. Breakfast on bed service

Surprise her with a morning knock on her bedroom door and a breakfast to serve. There is no other feeling like being spoiled and you know this well because she might have been spoiling you when you were kids. Isn’t a good time for a payback after all she’s done for you?

4. Tea for brunch and museum tour

Irish are big on tea and museums. Apparently, these 2 unrelated activities become an interesting mix for a weekend in Ireland. Since we have our own museums and tea parlours here and there, this could be a great idea to do with your mother! Indulge yourself with a soothing cup of tea and began a historic adventure through art pieces and findings you have never heard before. If your mother is more of an art person, you can always change from museums to galleries.

5. Take her to a flower making class

One of the biggest class trends in Ireland is flower bouquet making. If your mother is keen on receiving flowers, why not take her to a flower making class and present her with your own handcraft bouquet? Other than that, you can definitely check out some other classes available that could help your mother learn new skills and socialize even more!

If those ideas are not possible to do with your mother, go with the simple ones. Perhaps, an afternoon TV of her favourite show, accompanied by her family, would even make the day. An even simpler one would be a beautiful bouquet of flowers provided by Orchid Florist. Check out our website for our Mother’s Day special discount and even giveaways!